Ingrown Nail

What is an Ingrown Nail??
When a toenail is ingrown, the nail turns downward into the skin. As it turns it begins to irritate the skin around the area. This can happen on both sides of the nails. The more the nail grows the more it irritates and rubs the skin, sometimes causing it to break and become infected or feverish. An ingrown nail will look red, puffy, may begin to bubble over the nail, or be very warm to the touch. 

What Causes an Ingrown Toenail??
There are many causes of an ingrown toenail, many people develop them simply because they can be inherited trait. In others they are a result of a trauma. Trauma to a nail can be anything from running, kicking, dropping something on  your toe, wearing shoes that are too tight or too small, etc. Most people find they get ingrown nails from cutting the nails improperly. The nail should be cut straight across, not into the skin. This is what causes the skin to try and heal over the nail.
If toenail fungus is present, it could increase the chances for ingrown nails. It could also increase your chances if it was present in the past. This is because with fungus the nail cannot grow properly. 

What are the Treatments for an Ingrown Nail??
Generally, when an ingrown nail is present you should see a podiatrist. Your podiatrist will treat with several options. These include:
Oral Antibiotics, when infection is present.
Surgery: this consists of an in-office procedure, to remove the nail. This generally involves numbing the surrounding area, and removing the portion of the nail.

Talk to your podiatrist if you think you may have an ingrown nail. Each case will be treated on an individual basis.