Flat Foot

Flatfoot is a disorder of the foot which contains many symptoms and several ways to diagnose, because there are different degrees of severity. Obese adults often suffer from flatfoot. With flatfoot, the arches maybe partially or totally collapsed. Often in flat feet the ankle will be turned inward, causing pain in the ankle as well as the foot.

Flexible flatfoot is the most common type of flatfoot. This type of flatfoot starts in the early adolescence and continues into adult years. In most cases flatfoot occurs in both feet simultaneously. The longer flatfoot goes untreated, the more painful it becomes. The soft tissue, tendons and ligaments of the arch stretch or tear and become inflamed. Flexible flatfoot is a condition where, while standing the arch is flat, but when the pressure is taken off the arch comes back.


If diagnosed in early stages a podiatric surgeon will observe the foot while standing and sitting. Generally, X-rays are taken to determine how sever the condition is, and determine appropriate treatment. Many patients suffer from early stages of flatfoot will not experience symptoms or pain. There are no current symptoms ask your surgeon what you can expect with flatfoot in the future.


There are several treatment options, generally surgery is a last resort, only discussed when all other options have been exhausted. Modification in activities, weight loss, orthotic devices, medication, or even physical therapy maybe courses of treatment for flatfoot.